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Why do our customers return? Read their stories.

Our innovative solutions are constantly adapted to meet our customers’ needs, which is one of the reasons why well-known organizations such as Skanska, Viking Supply Ships, Karolinska Institutet, and Swedish Air Ambulance consistently choose We+ as their first choice. This article provides a deeper insight into why they keep coming back to us time and time again.
Written by: Oskar Boding.
Reading time: 4 min.
Oskar Boding is one of the founders of We+ and is passionate about creating new habits through regular exercise and thereby changing people’s lives.

Customized solutions promote both mental and physical health at Skanska

At Skanska, sustainable work life is a strategic issue. It involves creating a safe work environment where employees thrive, realize their potential, and have the opportunity for work-life balance. As part of a sustainable work life, it’s important to support mental health in an industry characterized by high demands and stress. That’s why Skanska has chosen We+ for its ability to tailor solutions to unique needs.

For Skanska, mental health is as important as physical health. Therefore, We+ and Skanska developed a customized health challenge together.

This included an inspiration flow in the app focused on mental health. Employees from all over Sweden shared their best tips for improved quality of life, which were mixed with information from the Public Health Agency about mental health and recognition of World Mental Health Day.

Pernilla Törnros, Health Manager at Skanska, explains: “We know that physical activity acts as an ‘airbag’ for mental health issues with positive effects in preventing or alleviating conditions such as depression. Exercise also improves quality of life and stress management. Thanks to We+’s flexible solutions, we have been able to contribute to a work environment that promotes both physical and mental health.”

“We work long-term for a sustainable work environment, not just physically but also mentally. We+ flexible solutions help us along the way.”


/Pernilla Törnros, Health Manager at Skanska

Social cohesion on the open seas – Viking Supply Ships navigates the challenges

At Viking Supply Ships, where the workplace is aboard an icebreaker surrounded by the vast expanses of the Bothnian Bay, cohesion and physical activity are quite a challenge. However, with the help of We+, crews remain physically active and socially engaged despite physical distance.

Here’s what Frida Rhedin, Crew Manager at Viking Supply Ships, says: “We are extremely pleased with the We+ concept and how they have managed to create cohesion even though we are not in the same physical location.”

“Through We+’s engaging and interactive platform, our employees can share moments, support each other, and maintain a sense of community, even at a distance,” explains Frida Rhedin. “The response and engagement from the staff are fantastic! Sharing photos and videos of their activities at sea creates a lively and supportive social network.”

“The social streams create laughter and conversations.”


/Frida Rhedin, Crew manager at Viking Supply Ships

Karolinska Institutet renews health activities with We+

Karolinska Institutet (KI), a pioneer in medical research and health, has aimed to develop a more holistic approach to health promotion activities. With a vision to expand the concept of health beyond physical exercise, KI turned to We+ to customize a platform that meets their needs.

Through the collaboration with We+, KI has been able to create a tailored digital environment where they can control the content of scheduled posts, articles, programs, and videos. This platform has allowed them to integrate various aspects of health and well-being, not only physical but also mental and daily wellness activities.

Elisabeth Svanfelt, Health Promotion Specialist at Karolinska Institutet, values the collaboration highly: “We+ has been very responsive to our ideas and has been very easy to work with. I highly recommend the tool as an inspiring boost where you also get the opportunity to get to know more aspects of your colleagues.”

“We+ has been very receptive to our ideas and has been very easy to collaborate with.”


/Elisabeth Svanfelt, Health Promotion Specialist at Karolinska Institutet

Flexibility and inclusion are crucial for Swedish Air Ambulance

“As the training manager at Swedish Air Ambulance, I know how important it is that all our employees, regardless of their roles and experience, feel included in our health program. We+ has delivered a platform that is adaptable to the specific demands our staff faces daily in their work in the air, which has made us loyal users of their service,” explains Henric Ceder.

Henric continues, “We are truly proud of the positive results we have achieved with We+. The level of physical activity among our team has increased by an average of 47%. Most importantly, those employees who previously hardly exercised at all have dramatically changed their habits. This is crucial for us, where speed and physical readiness are regularly tested. Our teams feeling strong and healthy are crucial for their ability to handle the demanding situations our work entails.”

”We are truly proud of the positive results we have achieved with We+”


/Henric Ceder, Training Manager at Swedish Air Ambulance

Proud and grateful to have such wonderful customers

We are deeply grateful for the loyalty and partnerships we have built over the years. Every feedback, every challenge, and every success story has been a cornerstone in the foundation on which We+ stands today. We are not only proud of what we have accomplished; we are humble in the ongoing journey to grow together with our customers.

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