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Stronger corporate culture through health and community

With We+, Ramudden Global has not only taken a significant step forward in terms of employee health – they have also created a more cohesive global corporate culture.

The future of strengthened corporate culture

Ramudden Global’s journey with We+ illustrates the power of intertwining health and community to build a strong corporate culture.

This is particularly relevant for HR managers, corporate leaders, and health specialists looking for effective ways to engage and motivate their employees, reduce sick leave, and retain staff.

“We+ has not only improved our physical health, but has also played a central role in creating a stronger sense of community and belonging within our new global organization.”


/Viktoria Sahlsten at Ramudden Global

Smart way to unite a company

Ramudden Global’s challenge is that their employees are spread all over the world. However, by adapting We+, offering the platform in multiple languages and customizing content to local conditions, an inclusive and accessible experience for all employees was ensured.

Employees from different cultures and countries were able to meet, socialize, and support each other, no matter where they were located. This was crucial for Ramudden Global, which aimed to unite its employees spread across the Nordics as well as parts of Europe and Canada.

Impressive results for Ramudden Global wellness challenge

The health challenge generated impressive figures for Ramudden Global. With over 167,000 interactions through likes, comments, photos, and videos, employees managed to increase their weekly average of exercise sessions to 4.7. This not only surpasses the WHO’s recommendations but also shows a 71% increase in the level of physical activity.

More important than the numbers, however, is the noticeable change in lifestyle and well-being that the program brought about for the employees.


323 social interactions per employee in the “Ramudden Global Wellness Challenge” (pictures, movies, and posts).

Increased level of physical activity

Participants increased their level of physical activity by 71% and exercised an average of 4.7 sessions per week.


The significant social engagement was evident with its 167,000 interactions (pictures, movies, and posts).


Here's how Ramudden Global conducted their wellness challenge

On the start day, We+ sent an email with a login link to all registered participants. After three clicks, they were up and running, meeting their group of about 10 colleagues online, who would hang out and encourage each other during the activity.

Engagement, cohesion, community

Each time they exercised, they shared their session with their group. With photos, videos, and encouraging comments, coworkers supported and motivated each other to exercise. Everyone exercised how they wanted, when they wanted, and according to their own level.

Equal conditions made everyone feel included

A session is at least 30 minutes of continuous exercise where you increase your heart rate and become slightly short of breath. All types of physical activity count, and all sessions are valued equally. A walk is worth as much as a marathon.

The groups competed with each other

The groups within the company competed against each other in number of sessions per week, greatest improvement, and best motivation. The activity concluded with the distribution of We+ Awards in each category. After the activity ended, We+ also sent a comprehensive health report with statistics and analysis.

A fun wellness challenge for everyone

We+ stands out with its inclusive setup where every activity, regardless of intensity, is valued equally. This allows every employee to participate based on their own conditions, which is important for building a sense of community and equality within a diversified organization.

Comprehensive solution from We+ with support and assistance

We+ provides extensive support and assistance throughout the activity, from the planning phase to implementation and follow-up. This comprehensive support has been crucial for Ramudden Global’s success with their wellness challenge.

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If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of a strengthened corporate culture and health, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We’re here to support you on your journey towards an improved workplace and well-being for all employees.