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SKF’s health success with We+: A recipe for a better workplace

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SKF’s latest wellness challenge with We+ has set a new standard for how companies can work with health and well-being. They have not only improved the health of their employees but also succeeded in creating a stronger sense of community and cohesion within the company.

hannah SKF
Interview with: Hannah Forsberg Svensson, SKF.
Reading time: 5 min.

A social boost

Hannah Forsberg Svensson from SKF shares how their employees embraced the wellness challenge: “Our employees engaged with personal photos, videos, and group activities, creating a more vibrant atmosphere than we’ve seen with traditional wellness challenges.” This social engagement is key to We+’s success at SKF.

Inclusion and flexibility

A key part of We+’s success was that everyone in the company could participate on their own terms. There were no demands or expectations – all forms of exercise were welcome. This approach made everyone feel included and valued.

Significant reduction

There was a significant decrease in inactive employees – from 22% to 4%, which is about an 82% reduction.

Increased physical activity level

The level of physical activity among participants increased by 60%, averaging 4.4 sessions per week.


The high level of social engagement was evident with 190,000 interactions, including photos, videos, and posts.

Healthy and measurable results

The results at SKF were impressive. Employees increased their average number of exercise sessions to 4.4 per week, which is a significant improvement compared to how it was before We+.

Increased regular physical activity not only contributes to improved physical health but also to increased mental clarity and productivity. By strengthening the body and mind, feelings of worry, anxiety and stress are also reduced, which in turn can lead to reduced sickness absence.

In addition, the ability to have stamina and energy left for private life after the end of the working day is an important aspect of a balanced lifestyle, something that SKF employees can now experience more of. The investment in health not only benefits the individual employee, but the entire company.

“Our work with We+ has shown how to create a healthier and more engaged workplace. By investing in our employees’ health, we have seen improved health outcomes and a new level of cohesion within the company.”


/Hannah Forsberg Svensson, SKF

Hannah SKF

Impressive support

We+ support was also a decisive factor in the success. Hannah Forsberg highlights this: “We+ were always quick to respond, regardless of the time of day. For a large company like ours, this kind of support is crucial to being able to complete a wellness challenge like this.”

The future of healthy workplaces

SKF’s collaboration with We+ is more than just a wellness challenge; it is a change in the entire corporate culture. By prioritizing health and well-being, SKF has not only improved the health of its employees but also created a stronger and more cohesive workforce.

SKF’s wellness challenge with We+ is a strong example that shows that when you put health at the centre, the result can be a more productive and cohesive workforce.