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We+ corporate exercise challenge welcomes everyone and improves your team spirit.

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Social, fun & everyone can join

We+ is an exercise challenge where co-workers inspire each other through workouts, photos, comments and videos. Forget outdated step challenges and look forward to a simple and social activity everyone can join.

  • Global: all countries/time zones
  • Scalable: 50-100.000 employees
  • Targets: Inactive & active
  • CSR: Charity counter plug-in
  • Powerful results: See below

Loved by users

Participants inspire each other with exercises, photos and comments in the social feed. Colleagues builds new relationships and feel more involved. 97% would recommend a colleague to join!

Some of our customers


Sandvik Rock Tools have launched four global challenges with We+ to engage and unify colleagues in 20 countries.


Fujitsu connected their We+ challenge to it’s CSR strategy. Every exercise meant that Fujitsu donated money to charity.

Safety Week

We+ was launched for thousands of employees as a part of Skanska’s yearly Safety Week and became a great success.


A solid information campaign created internal buzz and 75 % of the employees signed up for ”Canon Stronger Together”.

+ 88 %

Powerful results. The colleagues at Electrolux increased their exercise level with an average of 88 % during the challenge.


For Spotify the social aspect of We+ was the most important. A simple and social way to unify a globally scattered work force.

Do you want to boost team spirit?

Increase camaraderie and engagement and reduce absence !

Impressive results!

(actual results, average)


Increased workouts / week


Exercise per week (WHO rec. 150 minutes)


Reduction of inactive employees

How it works


Log in

Login to your We+ group online. Every time you have exercised, share your workout with your group via smartphone or web. The group members inspire and motivate each other to do their exercise.


All types of exercises are worth the same in We+. Any exercise ≥ 30 min. with at least moderate effort and noticeable accelerated heart rate counts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a power walk, yoga session or running.


Groups, regions and countries competes against each others in number of exercises/week, best improvement and best cheering. At the end of the activity winners earn fame in the We+ Awards.


The organization gets a simple tool to evaluate and communicate it’s health initiatives and also gets access to strategic information about what types of exercise the employees likes.

What customers say

“The health results increases every year but even more appreciated is that We+ contributes to a positive atmosphere and increased team spirit”

Louise HanssonHR Business Partner Three

“We+ is an easy to use and inspiring tool to engage employees and create a healthy company culture. We+ offered professional project management that was responsive to our requirements”

Vibeke StadlingHealth and Wellbeing Telia Company

“We have customers spread out all over the country and by using We+ we are able to motivate and engage from a long distance. We often use We+ as a kick-start on larger wellness projects.”

Filippa RisbeckerTeam Manager Fitness Feelgood

Client case:
Rock Tools Health Challenge

The goal for Sandvik Rock Tools was both to create involvement and unity in an organisation with employees scattered all over the world and to inspire more healthy habits.

Registrations poured in from all over the world including Mexico, India, US, UK, Sweden and Australia. In total 100’s of teams signed up from more than 20 countries. 

The challenge became a true success and the participants shared over 100.000 photos, comments and likes with each other. The participants worked out an average of 4,4 times and 295 minutes per week. The share of inactive employees was reduced from 35 % to 3 %. 

Reduction of inactive


Increase of exercise


> 2 workouts/week


Ask us how you can use We+ in a global organization

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In our FAQ you find valuable information. If you want to have detailed knowledge about how We+ works you should book a demo. You are always welcome to reach out via e-mail and phone.


Can everyone participate?

Everyone can participate on equal terms regardless of exercise level. A workout is minimum 30 minutes where you get at least moderate effort and noticeable accelerated heart rate. You get to workout whenever you want, how you want and with whom you want. All types of exercise are always worth the same. It doesn’t matter if you are power walking or running marathons. We + welcome everyone!

Does We + work on all computers, mobiles and tablets?

We + is a web application that does not require any download from app stores. The application works with all modern browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

Does We + work in other countries with other languages and time zones?

We + is an online-based exercise challenge works locally and globally. We + application is adapted for all world time zones and is available in English. In the social feed where co-workers cheer each other language is off course free of choice!

Do we get help with implementation and communication?

Implementation and communication are important in order to engage as many employees as possible. The team at We + has many years of experience in local and global projects. We help you in every step of the process from first planning meeting to completed activity with award ceremony and final health report.

Does We + mean a lot of administration and support for us?

We + manages all administration and support from start to finish.

How does We + charity and CSR plug-in work?

In the We + application, there is a CSR plug-in that enables employees, in addition to workout statistics, to train for charity. The company decides before which organization they want to work with (eg UNHCR, ONE TREE PLANTED, Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders etc) and how much money per workout they want to donate. Participants can then continuously monitor how much they train together for charity.

What health results can I expect?

On average, We + users work out 4.1 times/ week, increase exercise level by 56% and exercise 269 minutes per week (WHO recommends 150 minutes / week for a healthy life). 85% of those who do not work out or work out seldom (1 time / week or less) make a positive change and do not remain in this risk group when they use We +.

Do I get any statistics or health report after finish?

After completing the activity, We + sends out a comprehensive and detailed health report that includes among others: The company’s level of exercise before and during activity as well as percentage change, reduction of inactive employees, most popular types of exercise, social activity and number of trained minutes per participant compared to WHO’s recommendations.