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The We+ story.
From addiction to exercise

Everything started on the 5th of may 2010

Suddenly it was obvious. Oskar sat on the train home after spending a week on Nämndemansgården participating in a family program for those who live with or care about an adult with an addiction. Nämndemansgården is one of Sweden’s top rehab clinics for alcoholics and drug addicts. A cornerstone is that you can not manage to make the change to sobriety yourself, everyone needs the help of someone in a similar situation to break their pattern of behavior. Helping yourself by helping others.

The power of group is strong

The power of group is strong and is fundamental for participants to succeed in their behavior change, to become and stay sober. Why not use the power of the group for another behavioral change – to get regular exercise in your everyday life? The idea behind We+ was born.

Social support and positive peer pressure in small teams

We+ love regular exercise

We have a strong belief that regular exercise improves people’s lives. Happier, healthier and stronger people sleep better and have more energy to deal with their daily challenges.

We believe in the power of the smaller group

By creating a warm and positive atmosphere and community in a small group to help with encouragement, pep, affirmation and positive peer pressure, you can make even the hardest of behavioral changes. In We+ case it’s about to get up off the couch and exercise regularly, get into training everyday and feel good. It is the power of the smaller group that makes it happen.

Free of choice

Everyone must choose what suits them

In order for exercise and training to become part of your everyday life, it must fit your personality and puzzle of life. Therefore, the time, place and type are completely optional: brisk walking, marathon, circuit training, yoga, dance, rock climbing…

Exercise and fitness should be fun

Through competitions, where everyone can be on equal terms, we make exercise and fitness fun. The contest will be a motivating factor and at the same time it increases the cohesion of the group and the company.

In the end everyone is a winner

If you succeed together as a group, you have helped both yourselves and each other to a healthier life.

Happier and stronger

Working out on regular basis makes you happier, stronger and improves self-esteem and creativity

Reduces mental illness

Exercising improves sleep and reduces stress and anxiety.

Reduces risk of diseases

Regular exercising greatly reduces the risk of, cardiovascular diseases, several forms of cancer, type 2 diabetes, etc.