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Engage and unite the workforce with a global health challenge

A global health challenge
How do you unite a workforce that are spread out in different workplaces in different locations and different countries?
How do you make employees feel recognized and despite intercultural differences feel that they belong to a strong corporate culture? A culture which both cares for social responsibility and the well-being of its employees?
Written by: Oskar Boding.
Read: 5 min.
Oskar Boding is one of the founders of We + and is passionate about creating new habits with regular exercise that change people’s lives.

An online-based global health challenge with gamification and connection to CSR has many positive effects both for the individual and the organization.

– A common problem in global organizations is that they think too locally about health care and health activities. But the geographical boundaries are no longer an obstacle. Employees think it is fun and often get extra involved and motivated when they get to interact with colleagues and teams from other countries and cultures,” says Oskar Boding at We+.

Simplicity pays off

A global health challenge must be easy to understand if the organization are to reach out effectively with communication in all countries. If you involve too many areas at once (such as stress, diet, workout, everyday exercise and mindfulness) the number of participants will be low, and only a few people will participate throughout the activity.

Combine with charity

Connecting the challenge to CSR is an excellent way to get the employees attention and increase the number of participants. One example is that the organization donates 1 euro for each exercise session to charity, or plants a tree for every workout done. Both commitment and well-being increase when participants feel that they are contributing to something valuable.

"We + has helped us unite our staff from different departments in the UK, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Norway. Everyone was rooting for each other with workouts and photos from different parts of Europe. The level of commitment was much higher than we ever dreamed."

Freya Powell
HR Swisslog
An activity you do together
that has many benefits:

Employer branding

We+ offers health challenges where the focus is on getting everyone to join, regardless of exercise background and where in the world they are. You unite your company and strengthen your employer branding through a health challenge that suits everyone. Also, you get employees who are more healthy, productive and committed.

Works in global organizations

The activities that We + offers are entirely online-based. The activities are easy to roll out and communicate. They are easy to implement wherever you are and works for different languages and time zones.

Important that everyone can join

The activities we arrange produce powerful and measurable results. From the participants perspective, they are relaxed competitions where everyone can participate on equal terms. You can challenge each other, the company's departments or countries, or create any groups to suit the company's culture.

A new way to socialize

The activities focus on colleagues' relationships and commitment. The activities are a new way of socializing that has no geographical boundaries. With them, you put the group in the centre and naturally strengthen team-building. They provide the support needed to change the behaviour when it comes to physical activity.

Strengthens both the company and the individual

The activities strengthen the company's profile and culture within health and well-being. They become a challenge that can be adapted to enhance the company's existing values. For example, to further strengthen employer branding, you can integrate a connection to CSR, where the company donates money for each completed workout to a joint CSR project.

Comprehensive health report

When the activity ends, you get a detailed health report with statistics, analysis and comments. But perhaps most importantly, the activities normally also lead to the participants continuing with a higher level of exercise than before, thus increasing their well-being and their productivity.
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Some of our customers


Sandvik Rock Tools have launched four global challenges with We+ to engage and unify colleagues in 20 countries.


Ralph Lauren connected their We+ challenge to it’s CSR strategy. Every exercise meant that they donated money to charity.

Safety Week

We+ was launched for thousands of employees as a part of Skanska’s yearly Safety Week and became a great success.


A solid information campaign created internal buzz and 75 % of the employees signed up for ”Canon Stronger Together”.

+ 88%

Powerful results. The colleagues at Electrolux increased their exercise level with an average of 88 % during the challenge.


For Spotify the social aspect of We+ was the most important. A simple and social way to unify a globally scattered work force.

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