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Employee wellbeing that is fun and works – 5 tips on how to succeed

Employee wellbeing

To create a successful employee wellbeing program, we have a recipe that works – to HAVE FUN! This is how you succeed. 

Written by: Oskar Boding.
Read: 5 min.
Oskar Boding is one of the founders of We+ and he is passionate about building new healthy habits that change people’s lives.

Wellness programs is not just about checking the blood pressure. Foresighted companies ensure that corporate wellness is preventive and strengthens its staff by motivating them to get physical active and increase engagement. However, what should you do to succeed and how do you get as many as possible to join?

The key is to have fun

The one thing that is fundamental for an employer to get workforce engaged in a wellbeing program is – to HAVE FUN. When employees have fun and spend time together, results are at their best. That is why We+ put social first and prioritize employee’s experience.

Employee’s favorite

We+ has an incredible impact on how engaged employees are. Our customers return and employees long for the next wellbeing challenge regardless of the individual’s fitness level. We+ has become one of the “employee’s favorites”!

Corporate wellness that is a “win-win”

For the employer as well as the employees, there are great benefits and a lot to gain. A well-executed employee wellbeing program positively impact work culture and make employees more productive and less stressed.

Employees cheer each other with workouts, comments, photos and videos. The level of commitment is much higher than we ever dreamed of. A single challenge can have well over 80,000 "likes", 40,000 comments and 5,000 videos/photos. And the results are fantastic! It really proves our main idea with how important it is with social interaction and that you feel that it is fun to participate!
Mikael Bredberg, Founder of We+

5 tips on how We+ social wellbeing challenges often become “staff favorites”:

Everyone is welcome on equal terms

In We+, everyone is welcome on equal terms. Employees encourage each other to work out. It does not matter if it is a brisk walk after lunch or if you run a marathon. Everyone cheer everyone - regardless of fitness level.

Team-based challenge

In We+, all employees belong to a small team with strong social support that encourages and inspires. Everything becomes more fun in a team where you can feel a sense of belonging and feel recognized.


The key in We+ is a social feed of photos, videos, comments and pep. The social feed is available in 3 levels: Team feed, Company feed and Inspiration feed. The social activity inspires, engages and boost team spirit.


In We+, all sessions of physical activity are equally worth and you can do a maximum of one session / day. The teams compete against each other in the number of sessions / week on average. No weird conversions in minutes, calories or points. Easy to communicate, easy to understand and everyone is on equal terms. communicate, easy to understand and everyone is in on equal terms.


Something that is extra fun and appreciated by We + users is the connection to charity. Donate one USD or one EUR per session to charity or plant a tree for each exercise session that employees do.
Contact We+ for a short demo and consultation on how to succeed with your employee wellbeing challenge.

Some of our customers


Sandvik Rock Tools have launched four global challenges with We+ to engage and unify colleagues in 20 countries.


Ralph Lauren connected their We+ challenge to it’s CSR strategy. Every exercise meant that they donated money to charity.

Safety Week

We+ was launched for thousands of employees as a part of Skanska’s yearly Safety Week and became a great success.


A solid information campaign created internal buzz and 75 % of the employees signed up for ”Canon Stronger Together”.

+ 88%

Powerful results. The colleagues at Electrolux increased their exercise level with an average of 88 % during the challenge.


For Spotify the social aspect of We+ was the most important. A simple and social way to unify a globally scattered work force.

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