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We're excited to hear that you've been tipped off about We+. We strongly believe that this is just what you need.

We+ is an exercise challenge for companies where employees in online teams encourage each other to stay active. Participants inspire each other with exercises, photos and comments in the social feed. Colleagues builds new relationships and feel more engaged.

How it works



On the starting day signed-up employees will receive a ”How it works”-email with a login link. After three clicks they are up and running and meet their team online who will cheer each other during the challenge.


In We+ social feed users post their workouts. With photos, videos and encouraging comments, colleagues support and cheer each other. When, where and how they work out is free of choice.

For everyone

ALL types of workouts are worth the same. Any workout ≥ 30 min. with at least moderate effort and noticeable accelerated heart rate counts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a power walk, yoga session or running and all workouts are equally worth no matter length and intensity.


Teams compete against each other in average number of workouts per week, greatest improvement and best pep. After finish winners earns fame in We+ Awards and We+ sends out a comprehensive health report with statistics and analysis.

Så här säger våra kunder om oss

“The health results increases every year but even more appreciated is that We+ contributes to a positive atmosphere and increased team spirit.”

Louise HanssonHR Business Partner 3 Sverige

“We+ is an easy to use and inspiring tool to engage employees and create a healthy company culture. We+ offered professional project management that was responsive to our requirements.”

Vibeke StadlingHealth and Wellbeing Telia Company

“We have customers spread out all over the country and by using We+ we are able to motivate and engage from a long distance. We often use We+ as a kick-start on larger wellness projects.”

Filippa RisbeckerTeam Manager Fitness Feelgood

We+ gives you:

  • Improved productivity and engagement
  • An inclusive and healthy company culture
  • Increased feeling of togetherness at the workplace
  • Healthier and happier employees