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Cohesion at work – despite low office attendance

How do you maintain cohesion in the workplace at a time when many employees choose to work remotely? This article takes a deep dive into how we can promote collaboration and well-being, even when many office spaces are echoing empty.
Written by: Oskar Boding.
Read: 5 min.
Oskar Boding is one of the founders of We + and is passionate about creating new habits with regular exercise that change people’s lives.

Successful strategies for remote work

Strengthening cohesion remotely need not be complicated or expensive. With the right tools, virtual meeting places can be created that mimic the office’s coffee room, a place where employees can cross each other’s paths spontaneously and build relationships outside of formal work tasks.

Have you considered how a digital platform can facilitate such meetings? By offering an online gathering point, employees can keep an eye on each other and get to know their colleagues on a deeper level. For managers and leaders, these services represent an invaluable mechanism for being “present,” even when they are physically absent.

Flexible attendance in the workplace of the future

The flexibility of the workplace has never been more relevant than it is now. Through an interesting study of 53 companies with over 500 employees, it has emerged that almost all have introduced a 3-2 attendance policy. This means that employees spend three days in the office and two days working remotely.

But how is productivity and engagement maintained with such a policy? The study reveals that half of these companies had less than 40% attendance, while some reported a shockingly low 20% attendance.

This statistic calls for reflection and discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work schedules. There are many opportunities for improvement to maintain high productivity and a sense of belonging, even remotely.

wellness challenge

Digitalization of wellness initiatives

Staying active is extra important when many are working from home. Regular exercise is a powerful health booster. Physical activity can also increase our concentration and creativity, making us more productive in our work. Corporate leaders everywhere realize that investments in employee health are a long-term strategy for having happy, productive employees who contribute to the growth and stability of the company.

With the rapid growth of technological solutions, wellness has become even more accessible. By making wellness initiatives digital, companies like We+ have shown that they can dramatically increase engagement, especially now that remote work is the norm.

A shared health activity can promote both collaboration and well-being:

Entertainment is the primary motivator

Entertainment is the primary reason people use social media. This principle also applies to exercise: the more fun it is, the more engaging it becomes. The We+ app transforms exercise into a fun activity by offering encouragement and support from colleagues. This encourages increased engagement and exercise, making We+ an ideal tool for promoting both health and community in the workplace.

Inclusive and flexible

An inclusive and flexible health challenge allows all participants to engage in a way that suits them. Some might want to play tennis. Others may prefer a brisk walk. Another might choose to swim. The old step challenge feels outdated. In the new wellness challenges, you can choose whichever activity you prefer. And everyone competes on equal terms, no matter what level you are at.

Measurable health outcomes and their impact on the workplace

Knowing that investments in health yield returns is one thing. Measuring and following up on it is another. We+'s user platform provides corporate managements with the tools to not only track an individual's health progress but also to map out how this affects overall team performance and corporate culture.
A clear example is the introduction of a comprehensive health analysis in a medium-sized IT company where an increase in physical exercise has been linked to an impressive reduction in project errors and increased creativity.

Geographical boundaries are no longer an obstacle

We+ makes it easy for companies, with workplaces scattered around the country or globally, to engage their employees in health. The health activities offered by We+ are entirely online-based. The activities are easy to roll out, communicate, and implement – no matter where you are.
Contact We+ today for a free demo and walkthrough.

We will show you how it works and together we can look at how it would fit in your specific organization.

Some of our customers


We+ launched during pandemic to boost togetherness. The result was amazing also for corporate wellbeing.


Ralph Lauren connected their We+ challenge to it’s CSR strategy. Every exercise meant that they donated money to charity.

Safety Week

We+ was launched for thousands of employees as a part of Skanska’s yearly Safety Week and became a great success.


A solid information campaign created internal buzz and 75 % of the employees signed up for ”Canon Stronger Together”.

+ 88 %

Powerful results. The colleagues at Electrolux increased their exercise level with an average of 88 % during the challenge.


For Spotify the social aspect of We+ was the most important. A simple and social way to unify a globally scattered work force.

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